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September End-of-Month Roundup – Colours & Cocktails

It definitely feels like summer is over here in Yorkshire, as our warm late-September turns into a very wet and windy October. But, even as the nights draw in and we start wrapping up warm for the walk to the office, things aren’t slowing down here at Stroud Resourcing as we head into one of the busiest recruitment periods of the year. As usual, we all got together last Friday for our end-of-month roundup – where we assess what went well, what we can learn from, and update everyone on any changes to our process, practice, or people.

A Month of Change

We certainly had a lot to cover this month, as our marketing team have been making improvements to our website and candidate brochures, our consultants have been busy filling some very competitive vacancies, and Eleanor completed her two-year training scheme and earned a promotion to become a fully-fledged Recruitment Consultant, not to mention a small surprise for Charlotte’s birthday - which involved backwards flat-caps, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and some seriously dubious dad-dancing from Guy.

Once we’d caught-up, fed-back, and crunched some stats, we all sat down to take the BOLD colours personality test. This was something we had all done before (it’s part of our internal interview process here at Stroud), and the aim was to see how we’d changed during our time at the company. It was really interesting to see what was different from our initial tests – most of us scored higher for ‘empathy’ than when we first started, which we think reflects the culture and identity of our workplace well.  

We talked about how our different personalities complement each other – and sometimes clash – how we can consider different types of people when we communicate with each other, and the way in which we come across to people with very different personality types. The aim was to help us work cohesively as a team but, as is the norm here, we had a lot of fun and plenty of laughs doing it.

Fancy That!

To round off the day, we visited local restaurant ‘Fancy Hanks’ for a late lunch. The Cajun-inspired food was delicious, from the deep-fried pickles to the Louisiana-style ribs, and we were all thoroughly stuffed by the end. As it was our first company outing since John joined the team as a copywriter, we played a “getting to know you” game, with each of us drawing questions about ourselves out of a hat and answering them. This led to some questionable singing from John, some great stories from everyone, and one particularly eyebrow-raising revelation!

Finally, directors Jo and Guy treated the team to a cocktail masterclass in the afternoon, where we learned how to make two of Fancy Hank’s signature cocktails – the “My My Apple Pie” and the Georgia-inspired “Pretty as a Peach”.

We’re a pretty small team here at Stroud Resourcing, and we think we work very well together, but team events like this really cement for us why Stroud Resourcing is a great place to work. Here’s to another great month in October.