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Imagine if all your employees hit the ground running, delivered an immediate return on investment and continued to make things happen.

Statistics indicate the cost of a bad hire is at 30% of the annual salary for that position. Bad hires can damage customer relations through incompetence or create a negative atmosphere in the workplace. Hiring a ‘top performer’ over an ‘average performer’ yields up to 67% more productivity and profit.

Maximise Productivity
Preserve the morale of your team
Improve your employer brand
Improve retention
Your time is valuable. Focus on your schedule, don’t spend time and money on writing or posting ineffective adverts (only 17% of candidates are attracted through advertising), reviewing applications or conducting initial interviews. Simply brief us on your vacancy needs and review a shortlist of qualified, suitable applicants presented in a timeframe that reflects your needs.
A good hire brings new skills and experience to your team, inspiration and comradeship. A bad hire can hurt the morale, particularly if existing workloads must increase or company performance is negatively affected by individual behaviour. Our process enables you to benchmark the calibre of candidates, so you can guarantee you have secured the best available candidate.
Bad hires typically result in disgruntled employees, the risk with this is saboteur behaviour during their tenure and post-employment. This can lead to reputation issues and prevent you hiring future employees. Overcoming a negative brand perception is easier for a third party to manage, whilst we are impartial, we know your competition and we know how to set you apart from them. When we recruit for you we’re not just filling a job, we are acting as your ‘brand ambassador’, every candidate will have a great experience regardless of them securing the role.
Using us versus a direct sourcing model improves the quality of candidate and this improves retention. The two biggest costs associated with hiring someone is recruitment and then onboarding - training employees and integrating them successfully requires a high level investment and it takes time. Depending on the complexity of the role it can take anything between 3 to 12 months to reach full productively so it’s a crushing blow when you’ve made a bad hire.

Whether it's 1 job or 500, we combine a unique ability to support volume recruitment that incorporates headhunting for ‘difficult to fill’ roles - we stand out from the crowd by consistently unearthing talented professionals who are not sitting on recruitment databases.

Our core services span six key disciplines:

Experts in proactively unearthing candidates that are not sitting on CV databases.

- Identify high skilled professionals
- Difficult to fill roles
- Critical roles
- Engage with 100% of the target audience
Database Searching
Invested in #1 staffing and recruitment software to optimise speed.

- Access to over 80,000 candidates
- Access to leading industry job boards
- Reduce time to hire
- Database searching
Social Networking
62% of candidates expect to find their next job through LinkedIn.

- Engage with candidates before we need to
- Access to over 20 million connections
- Some of our Consultants ranked in to the top 4% of superusers on LinkedIn
Online Advertising
We know how to advertise the opportunity

- Access to leading industry job boards
- We respond to every applicant
- We use social networking to promote the advert
- We promote the advert to a referral network
Talent Spotting
Introduce emerging talent that could capitalise your growth

- Hire before you need to
- Receive priority of candidate introductions to give you a competitive edge
- Gain a wider-understanding of your market
Award-winning outsource provider

- Boost profitability by reducing costs
- Improve employer brand
- Improve recruitment process
- Outsource fully or partially
- Attract quality talent

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