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Dear captivators, debaters, good students who plan to be greater. We want you.

Are you about to make one of the best career choices of your life?
Our graduates come from various course backgrounds and they didn’t plan for a career in recruitment. We don’t filter applications by course choice or results – we recruit for attitude and train for skill. If this statement resonates with you apply now!

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  • “The best part so far has been the support and encouragement we have received from the existing team, especially the fact we were given time dedicated to getting to know everyone – it really helped settle us in.”
    Charlotte White, Recruitment Consultant

  • “The team at Stroud is so different to any workplace I’ve been a part of. The working environment is great due to everybody’s dynamic personalities, caring nature, and friendly banter.”
    Hannah Milankovic, Office Coordinator

  • “The graduate scheme is a mix of classroom-based and on-the-job training – its delivered in an engaging way, that gets you immediately involved and there is support every step of the way. Amazing career progression, you can genuinely see that the business is growing! I love working here, great team, loads of support, constant rewards and incentives! I’m looking forward to the future!”
    Jessica Storey, Recruitment Consultant

  • “Fast-forward 6 months, I was in a position to book a holiday to Sicily. After 18 months, I’m out of my overdraft, I don’t need to budget, I’m saving £1000 every month! I am on target to earn £38,000 this year – but it’s not all about the money, I enjoy regular training, I have fun, there is clear progression and I feel valued!"
    Samuel Wright, Recruitment Consultant

  • “Although it seems scary, as recruitment may be an area you know nothing about, the graduate programme breaks it all down and teaches you everything you need to know step by step, and the whole team are there to support you, so just go for it!”
    Tess Goulding, Recruitment Consultant

  • “In one month I earned almost £4,000 – this was seven months after I started with Stroud. In the month of October 2018, I am on track to earn over £8,000!”
    Jessica Storey, Recruitment Consultant

  • “I am a different person to when I first started both in work and out. I have the confidence to talk to anyone in any situation and my friends and family have all commented on how much I have grown as a person.”
    Jessica Storey, Recruitment Consultant

  • “This role has vastly improved my communication and organisational skills, even more so than University.”
    Hannah Milankovic, Office Coordinator

  • “The best part so far has been the support and encouragement we have received from the existing team, especially the fact we were given time dedicated to getting to know everyone – it really helped settle us in.”
    Charlotte Patrick, Recruitment Consultant

At Stroud Resourcing, we’re obsessed with finding the people that can solve our client’s problems, whether its finding the dream employee or securing the dream job. We love to help – this is what Stroud Resourcing is all about.

We have had over 10 years’ success in matching talented professionals to some of the most eminent Health & Social Care employers – it’s our job to understand these industries and to use our skills in headhunting to consistently unearth people who are not sitting on CV databases or LinkedIn.

Our commitment to our process and our practice has earned us a great reputation but our strength lies in our dedication to learning and development and ultimately the people we employ. We encourage you to value the work you do, be the best you possibly can be and create a great experience for all involved – having fun is also high on our agenda.

The best jobs are the ones that make you want to get up in the morning...it all starts here.

Our employees liken university to learning to drive a car – there is a lot of theory, a little bit of practice, you pass a test, but you don’t really learn ‘how to drive’ until you get behind the seat of your own car. They attribute our graduate scheme to the theory, the test and most importantly the doing…driving your career forward, and if there is a crash along the way, it doesn’t matter because the continuous training and support that we offer will provide you with the skills and resilience to get back behind the wheel and do it again, successfully.

Dedicated learning & development team
12 weeks induction programme
12 modules that cover all aspects of how to recruit
Lifelong sales & coaching programme
Clear goal setting
Monitoring, development and improvement plans
Transparent reward and compensation
Career pathway to Director level

What recruitment is

Recruitment is the process companies use to source and hire new employees. Most organisations have dedicated internal recruitment teams who will typically try to reach a pool of candidates through job postings on their company website, on external recruitment sites, known as job boards, or by searching on job boards.

Job applicants who respond to a vacancy are then screened to determine if their skills and experience match the job description. Shortlisted candidates are invited to attend interviews or other methods of assessment, such as online tests, role plays and group discussions. Employers may then check the background of prospective employees, as well as checking references prior to making a job offer.

As simple as this process may sound, recruiting new employees can prove to be extremely challenging. 73% of candidates sitting on CV databases including LinkedIn are passive job seekers. They are open to hearing about new career opportunities, but they are not actively seeking jobs - the result of this is out of date CVs and incorrect contact details. So if you want to speak to these individual, you must be highly tenacious. This is where we add value.

We train our Graduates in the primary skill of headhunting. This sourcing technique targets candidates working for rivals brands who are not actively looking to make a move - they are not sitting on a CV database and they will not apply to an advert no matter how enticing the content.

What you will do

Using sales and marketing techniques you will be responsible for opening new accounts and developing, managing and maintaining existing client accounts. It takes time to develop repeat business, in your early years this role is very sales focused but our high performance, high reward culture means you are well remunerated.

You will work closely with employers to find the best available candidates. You will be responsible for attracting applicants and matching them to permanent positions. You will work with employers to build relationships and gain a better understanding of their recruitment needs and requirements.

You will draft advertising copy, search on CV databases, name gather and headhunt. You will screen candidates, selling the role to prospective applicants, interview them and match them to the vacancy. You will provide advice to both clients and candidates on issues such as market conditions and salary levels.

This is a career not a job – it is a demanding, complex role. It requires a combination of skills:

  • Consultative selling - you need to understand the problem the customer is trying to solve, recommend a solution and then provide the solution.

  • Technical ability - sourcing candidates requires a technical ability, people can’t be sold in the same way cars are. Cars don’t have a say in who buys them, candidates need to be skilfully matched to jobs and both parties need to actively agree to enter a work contract.

Dedicated to a learning culture

“Hard work and passion never go unnoticed at Stroud Resourcing and its one of things I love most about this company. The energy and ambition within the business is phenomenal – there is a real commitment to learn. The Graduate Training Scheme is unparalleled and will set a new benchmark for excellence within the recruitment industry – I am incredibly proud to be part of this! We have a very supportive and knowledgeable team, who drive a culture that encourages collaboration, recognition and a desire to deliver excellence.”
Andrew Frost, Trainer

Our Training Mantra - LEAP with Stroud

LEARN Through being taught, studying and experience you will gain and acquire new knowledge and skills

ENJOY Benefit from a career with Stroud – wake up in the morning and be excited about coming to work

ATTAIN Succeed in achieving the results that you are striving for

PROGRESS Improve your career prospects and progress your career

Our beliefs

Work hard and make an impact
Whether you achieved a 1st or scraped through your degree, we expect you to go above and beyond and experience the impact that you can make in your role.

Be authentic
We value authenticity, say what you believe and positively challenge. Be genuine and honest with clients, customers and colleagues.

Well-placed empathy
We believe that well-placed empathy sits at the heart of good customer service. Listening to clients, customers and colleagues and treating them how they expect to be treated.

Our Perks

Like what you’ve read so far?

Find out why working at Stroud is not like working for a typical recruitment agency and have a look at the benefits on offer when you choose a career with Stroud.

We Are Reputable
We believe in Team Work
We are Financially Sound
We are Professional
We offer a Performance Based Career
We have Integrity
We have Empathy
25 days holiday
Bonus and Commission
Quarterly Away Day
Food often
Long-term incentives
Monthly & Quarterly Employee Awards
Celebrate Birthdays
Monthly Team Activity
Fundraising Activities
Fizzy Fridays
Sales Game Days
Childcare Voucher Scheme
Values & Recognition Program
Pension Scheme

Recruiting for attitude, training for skill

We work with a lot of graduates and understand that for many of them, they went to University without a firm career plan in mind. What we hear a lot though is that students who have come to study in York want to stay living in York – and we don’t blame them!

We regularly run graduate recruitment events which provide an opportunity for students to see whether a career with Stroud Resourcing is right for them.

At Stroud we recruit for attitude and train for skill. We don’t filter applications based on course choice or results – we recruit people who we know will be a good fit into our successful and go-getting team and who will go over and above to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Our bespoke 12-week induction programme covers all aspects of how to recruit and is broken down into bite size chunks - it incorporates an introduction to our industry, our business and our customers. We train you on all the technical aspects of the role – finding great candidates for our clients! Our sales training is exceptional covering everything from negotiating, influencing and objection handling. Following on from the induction you will participate in a lifelong sales & coaching programme that takes you from being a trainee to a Director.

At Stroud, we offer the opportunity to fast-track career progression and accelerate earnings - graduates can anticipate on target earnings of £25,000 in year 1, £35,000 in year 2, and £45,000 in year 3 – and this uncapped earning scale continues!

By joining our Graduate Training Academy you will:

01 Become an Expert

If you join our business, you can expect to have a structured career path that enables you to become an expert in every aspect of recruitment. Working in a collaborative environment you can enjoy professional working relationships with mentors and managers who know how to deliver exceptional results.

02 Gain Credibility

To gain that credibility you need to learn about the market you recruit within and you need to learn through experience how to manage the recruitment process. Our induction process and on-going training facilitates this.

03 Specialise

The recruitment consultants who generate the most revenue and receive the highest financial rewards are those who specialise within a specific market and gain expert skills in process management over many years. Our consultants work within solitary sub-sectors so are experts within their field, staying up to date on the major trends occurring in that market, developing genuine industry insight.

04 Highly Advanced

Our business process and database management is highly advanced with 40 steps to recruitment. By working with us you will be learning the very best process and methods in the sector.

We are always interested in talking to talented individuals. If you like what you’ve read and think you’ve got what it takes apply now! Email careers@stroudresourcing.co.uk

Our Recruitment Process – its straightforward!

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2 Recruitment
3 Assessment
4 Secure your
dream job
5 Craft a life
you love

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