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Award winning Healthcare recruitment firm.

We have had over 10 years of success in matching talented professionals to some of the most eminent healthcare employers – it’s our job to understand your industry. Our commitment to our process and our practice has earned us a great reputation but our strength lies in our dedication to learning and development and ultimately the people we employ. Our primary skill is headhunting – whether it’s 1 job or 500, our ability to unearth talented professionals who are not easily accessible makes us stand out from the crowd. This capability enables us to identify candidates who are not actively looking to make a move, they are not sitting on a CV database and they will not apply to an advert no matter how enticing the content.

Are you an internal recruiter or HR professional looking to hire?

Many organisations that we work with have an internal recruitment function. The scope of these teams varies significantly but even teams that adopt sophisticated sourcing models (including outsourcing solutions) often don’t have the resources to headhunt or have limited candidate information, which prevents them from doing so effectively. No matter how well your team performs you will spend 80% of your time trying to fill the 20% of jobs that are ‘difficult to fill’. This is where Stroud Resourcing delivers game-changing results.

The industry leaders that we represent want to reduce recruitment costs and secure the interest of top performing candidates. By filling everyday recruitment directly, costs can be reduced but without a commitment to sourcing top talent, key stakeholder relationships become fractious. Let us compliment your recruitment model, utilise our headhunting skills to find the candidates working for rival brands that can walk through your doors and deliver an immediate return on investment.

We work best with like-minded professionals who take recruitment seriously.

Most managers that we work with are keen to secure the interest of candidates who are getting attention from rival firms –they are the ones that can walk through the doors and deliver. Sourcing these candidates is not easy – they are not actively looking to make a career move, they are not sitting on a CV database and they will not apply to an advert no matter how enticing the content. This is where we add value.

With no reliance on attracting candidates via advertising or searching CV databases we speak directly with candidates working for your competitors. We are highly tenacious with the pursuit of talent – our search process incorporates a ‘refer a friend scheme’ that specifically targets manager and peer groups that work amongst rival brands. We use clever software that traces candidates through social media.

Let Stroud Resourcing find you brilliant candidates

Are you a manager looking to hire?

Do you want to be represented by the best in industry?

We know how to find candidates that will join your business and hit the ground running.

73% of candidates sitting on cv databases including LinkedIn are passive job seekers, they are open to hearing about new career opportunities, but they are not actively seeking jobs. The result of this is out of date CVs and incorrect contact details, so if you want to speak to these individual, you must be highly tenacious. This is where we add value.

Through our dedicated learning & development team we train our people to understand your problems and provide a solution. We are obsessed with our people, process and practice and this yields great results. A professional service, good candidate matching, easy to work with, hardworking– with a genuine desire to create a great experience for all involved, our people behave brilliantly.

We know your competition and we know how to set you apart from them.

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