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Eleanor Cartledge

Talent Specialist

What Eleanor's responsible for: Specialist recruiter within Healthcare.

Eleanor is known for: Eleanor is known for her genuine and kind nature, she always go above and beyond to help people in need and emits a positive vibes. Always smiling, Eleanor has a great sense of humour and is often making jokes (the cheesier the better!)

What people say about Eleanor: A determined character, Eleanor works extremely hard to ensure success at every task given to her, making her an extremely committed and enthusiastic member of the Stroud team. 

Outside of work Eleanor loves: An avid baker, Eleanor loves creating scrumptious cakes and treats as well as regularly cooking homemade meals. Weekends are often spent out socialising and making memories with friends and family, or spent on the sofa with a film and plenty of snacks!

Sorry, I currently have no live roles.

As a specialist recruiter within Healthcare, I am always interested to speak with talented professionals. I represent some of the UK’s most eminent Healthcare providers, these employers take recruitment seriously and adopt a long-term view of not only filling positions for today, but identifying the candidates that will fill positions for tomorrow . If I know someone that can help my clients maintain a competitive edge through delivering patient-centred care in an innovate and cost-effective way, both inside and outside of their healthcare facility - it’s my obligation to make my clients aware of the individual before a competitor snaps you up! I’m obsessed with finding people that can solve my client’s problems, so if you’re looking to secure your dream job and want to be represented by the best in industry, look no further. I love to help – it is what Stroud Resourcing is all about.

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