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Introducing Our Pledge

For regular readers of our blog, you’ll know that our company values are at the heart of everything we do here at Stroud Resourcing. More than just a set of beliefs, these values inform everything from our business practices to our office culture; they’re our guiding light in every aspect of our enterprise.

This triple commitment was always intended to demonstrate our commitment to making a real difference to the industries and candidates we represent. We look after both our people, and our clients and candidates by ensuring we always work with patience, empathy, and positivity; we are committed to continually improving our process, and our clients and team members benefit from a transparent and well-structured business; we commit to fighting back against the rogue practices in the recruitment industry and providing a great experience for everyone involved.

These principles have been vital in growing Stroud Resourcing and building the great relationships we now enjoy with our clients – we are often told that our values and good practice are one of the most attractive things about working with us. As we continue to grow and improve, however, we realised we can go further, by taking a holistic view of how our business fits into the local community and our wider society.

The next natural step for Stroud Resourcing, then, was to develop the means and infrastructure to continually give back to the community and support our team members in helping out with the causes they care about.

Our Pledge

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we have added a fourth commitment to our mission statement: Pledge. Our pledge represents our responsibility to provide a real benefit to our local area and beyond, and to encourage each other to pitch in with causes we are passionate about.

Starting very locally, we’ll be setting up a sponsored litter pick around York, and encouraging others to do the same, to help keep our beautiful city tidy. We’ll be sending donations to Mind, who do amazing work across the country, providing education and support around mental health. We’d really appreciate any support you can provide for this great cause, so head over to our JustGiving page to help us out.

This is just the beginning of our pledge, and over the next 3 months, we’ll also be working to reduce our carbon footprint even further and providing monthly donations to a national charity to help tackle period poverty in the UK. Our team are already bursting with ideas around events, fundraisers and more, so keep an eye on our blog for more on our Pledge.

Looking to run a charity event at your workplace, but don’t know where to start? Check out our top tips on fundraising. Or follow us on LinkedIn for more updates, career tips and healthcare vacancies.