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Well Wednesday with Jessica

Italian Spring Canapés with Balsamic Vinegar - Jessica

March has seen some fabulous Well Wednesday's, starting with Jessica's delicious Italian Spring Canapés, which left us wanting more. The refreshing bitesize treats we're served alongside balsamic vinegar - perfect to dip into (no double dipping here though) on a spring afternoon. 

If you're interested in this palate cleansing, crowd-pleaser. Here's the recipe:



1. Prepare the melon by slicing in half, removing seeds and chopping into chunks.

2. Slice the buffalo mozzarella into bite-sized chunks.

3. Tear the prosciutto ham into long thing pieces and fold into little parcels. Then separate individual basil leaves from your plant.

4. Arrange the melon, basil, buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto ham on individual cocktail sticks.

5. Pour some balsamic vinegar into a shallow bowl (remember that less is more).

6. Dip the Italian Spring Canapés into the balamic vinegar and enjoy!