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Stroud Go Green For Hannah's End of Month Activity

For our May end of month presentation and activity, it was our administrator, Hannah who was taking charge. Our colleagues will each host an end of month activity and tailor the activity to something close to them which can also benefit our business. Hannah chose to base her activity on plastic pollution - a cause close to her heart. The activity started with context behind this subject, Hannah spoke about plastic pollution, what plastic actually is made from, what problems it causes to the environment, but also looked into the positive changes that have recently been made to combat plastic pollution.

For the first part of the activity, we had a Family Fortunes style game, where the team was split into two and were given questions about plastic pollution and the team with the highest ranking answer took the lead. For the next part of the activity, the team shared their plastic habits, and talked about what they could do to change the way they consume plastic. The final part of the activity was a classic game of pass the parcel, but Hannah only used environmentally friendly products, such as string instead of sellotape, and the prizes inside comprised of steel straws, a bamboo toothbrush and cloth bags. This activity has helped the team to understand more about plastic pollution, and has helped Hannah introduce the 'Environmental Board' whereby each member states their pledge to reduce their plastic consumption! Go Hannah!


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