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Our October End of Quarter: HIIT Team Building

Our End-of-quarter company get-together saw us complete a HIT class run by our very own recruitment consultant Charlotte White, taking place at TS Personal Training and Nutrition York - an award-winning local studio. We certainly worked up a sweat completing rotations of high-intensity interval training involving thirty seconds of different exercises, targeting core, abs, and leg muscles. Charlotte certainly kept everyone motivated during each circuit, emphasizing her passion for fitness. 

“My biggest passion is health & fitness – I always enjoy sharing my passion with others and helping to educate individuals on the benefits of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.”- Charlotte White recruitment consultant

HITT also provides major benefits improving stamina, increasing strength, burning calories, and helping maintain a healthy heart. HIT classes also have been reported to benefit brain health by improving memory and mental health. “Exercise also releases positive endorphins making it a great way to release stress and clear your mind, especially after a stressful day at work.”-Charlotte White

Not just a way of getting out of the office, our End of Quarter Company get-together was a fantastic team-building exercise, with our staff finding out about different colleagues' passions and activities outside of work.

All of us felt great after the session proving how exercise can really improve your overall mental health and well-being, reinforcing a good work-life balance, a core value at Stroud Resourcing.