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Launch of our Health and Well-Being Program!

For our End of Quarter activity and presentation, we prepared the launch of our new Health and Well-being Program and themed our secret activity around this program. 

We invited our future employees to join the team on a secret treasure hunt created by Hannah. This treasure hunt involved two teams trailing around York to visit various places where they collected a secret envelope. Each destination was in fact part of the new program as the places visited provide services that promote our health and wellbeing. The teams weren't aware of the theme until the end. When each team followed the clues to the right place and collected the envelope, they had to send picture proof! 

The teams visited: The Northern College of Acupuncture; Rush Hair Salon; Goji Cafe; The Mind Shop; The Body Shop; and Yogabomb. 

The final destination was ASK Italian where the teams were greeted with arrival cocktails. Hannah and Joanna asked the teams to stand in their groups and open their envelopes, inside were a number of vouchers, discount and loyalty cards from the numerous establishments visited on the treasure hunt. The team were asked if they noticed a theme amongst these places. With that, we officially launched our new Health and Wellbeing Program to the team. We are wanting to promote our physical and mental health within the office to improve positivity, health and overall production, and this can start through the services that were provided as part of the treasure hunt. We are now running this program, which is already underway with our healthy Well-Wednesdays!

We also mentioned that as part of this program, we had another activity lined up later on that afternoon. Beforehand, we went through our financial performance and awards for the quarter. 

Jessica was awarded for her April Phone Figures and Charlotte won the best Sourcing Campaign. Jessica also won the Best Attraction Campaign. Jessica and Charlotte took their place on our Wall of Fame!


For our Employee of the Quarter, all members of the team were nominated, which meant we were all Employees of the Quarter!

After we enjoyed looking at pictures from our last quarter, we invited our external guest speaker - Claire Cutler-Casey a Kinesiologist based in York to give a talk. Claire was the first speaker we invited along as part of our Health and Wellbeing Program, and she spoke to us about how to manage stress, how to sleep better and improve productivity. The team thoroughly enjoyed her talk and thanked her for providing her services!

Towards the end of the event, we had our starters, mains and desserts with plenty of drinks before we departed for the weekend. What another great quarter! 


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