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In the spotlight: Stress Awareness Month with Jessica

April 2021 highlights the 29th year that the Stress Management Society have organised ‘Stress Awareness Month’. Mental Health has rightly so become less of a taboo and organisations such as the Stress Management Society and Mind have done an amazing job of raising awareness and campaigning for better mental health services. Which, as the last year has shown have never been more important – 74% of adults have admitted feeling so stressed that they were unable to cope in the last 12 months.

Cooking for me has always been the perfect way to de-stress and working from home has allowed me to spend more time in the kitchen which I have loved. Seen as we have not been able to go out for dinner, I have taken the time to experiment more at home and learn new techniques – some with success (I have perfected pasta and Yorkshire puddings now) and some not so much (I still cannot keep a sourdough starter alive for more than 3 days).