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Help us Keep York Warm this Winter

As temperatures begin to fall and energy prices continue to rise, up to 7 million people are expected to struggle to keep their homes warm this winter, and for those living on the streets, cold temperatures can be life-threatening.

Because of this, in addition to setting up ‘warm banks’ where people can go to warm up this winter, many food banks and community groups are asking for warm clothes donations, particularly in children’s sizes.

A donation of something warm is a small way in which you can help those struggling due to the ongoing price gouging in the energy markets. That’s why we’re helping two York foodbanks collect warm clothing, blankets and other items to help keep people warm this winter.

We’re asking our friends, family and neighbouring businesses to donate the following items, that could really make a difference this winter:

At the end of October, we’ll be delivering all the donations to two local community organisations, Hoping Street Kitchen and The Collective Sharehouse, who both do amazing work to help the most disadvantaged groups in our city.

If you want to help out, it’s easy; all you need to do is give us your clothes and we’ll donate them to those in need for you! Drop your old clothes with Stroud Resourcing before October 28th, and we’ll ensure they get to these two great local organisations.