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Happy International Nurses Day

Happy International Nurses Day. Everyday a nurse shares their story with Stroud Resourcing. How they started their career, their journey to the present day and how they have transformed lives through exceptional patient care.

A message from our Managing Director, Joanna Stroud:
"At the height of the pandemic, a nurse shared with me something very special that she had done to support a patient who was approaching end of life, it was a gesture that enabled the patient to say goodbye to their family, it was closure that would never have been achieved without this nurse and her colleagues going above and beyond."

"On that day, when I put the phone down, I cried, it wasn’t the first time I have been emotional from a story being shared - it won’t be the last. Everyday my team and I are awestruck by the amazing work that nurses do, we applaud and thank you."

Thank you nurses for all you do - you inspire us everyday!