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Exciting News for Stroud Resourcing..

Lots of new things are happening at Stroud Resourcing - we have introduced our new Mission, Vision and Values! Stroud Resourcing are preparing to launch a new website in the upcoming month, and it will be tailored towards graduates. As part of the new website our team was filmed by an external filming director at York St John University! The team were asked questions individually about Stroud, and they weren't given the answers beforehand, so we could capture their raw comments! The day started with a company presentation, delivered by Managing Director, Joanna and followed by Andrew our Training Manager. As each person was being interviewed, the rest of the team took part in various team building exercises.

The first activity centered around our new values. We were split into groups where we wrote about what the values mean to us, and what we do as a team to demonstrate those values. This allowed us to share our views with the team and talk about ways we reflect the values of the company individually and as a team.

After this exercise, we took part in 'My Billboard'. Each of us wrote about ourselves on an A1 peice of paper, we highlighted our main milestones, what we enjoy, what we aspire to do/be and could either deliver that through text or pictures! The best part was that we had to make a small hole and push our heads through the top of the paper - so we were human billboards! Each member then presented each of their billboards to the group, and the group could ask questions about that person's life. This was a great exercise for the new graduates to take part in.

After each member of the team was filmed, we walked to Banyan in York for some lunch and drinks where the team could unwind after a long day of being in front of the camera. However we were also being filmed here to show the social side of our company, which really demonstrates that we do work hard, but we are constantly rewarded for that hard work. If you're a 1st, 2nd or 3rd year graduate looking for a new, exciting career please contact Joanna on 01904 239910! We are currently recruiting for our Autumn 2018 intake!


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