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End of Quarter - Company Culture and Celebrations

Here at Stroud Resourcing, we enjoy the benefits of being a close-knit team, we value having time together and taking time out to work on our business. This last quarter has been busy, so it was great to wrap things up, reflect and have some fun.

The day began in our York office, with an end of quarter business update. Behind the scenes we’ve been managing a lot of change, refining our business proposition, and getting ready to launch our changes to the market. In January, Joanna launched ‘The Hedgehog Concept’ initiative. This is where a company defines their core values, and the things they do well and focus on that – the concept is focused on understanding what you can be the best at and what you can do better. You can read more about it here https://www.jimcollins.com/concepts/the-hedgehog-concept.html.

As part of this concept, each team member has defined their ‘Why’ at work, a statement of purpose that describes why you do the work you do, which we drew from key topics including: our strengths, our motivations, what we enjoy, what we value, and when we find ourselves in the flow. It was enlightening to see how different we are, yet how aligned we are too. It has made it clear why we work so well as a team!

We look forward to launching our changes to the market soon!

Moving away from corporate discussions, we were delighted to surprise Jessica Storey by hosting a work hen party! Jessica gets married on the 11th of June, we’re so excited! Starting with a Mr and Mrs quiz, other activities included sharing advice to the bride for a long-lasting happy marriage. Later in the day, joined by our families, we enjoyed free style painting of the bride and groom – it was liberating, and we laughed so much, a joyful afternoon.

As always, Stroud Resourcing’s Managing Director Joanna Stroud provided some incredible food which included beautiful cupcakes made by our own Charlotte White.

All in all, we had a great end of quarter, we can’t wait for the next team event.