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Cupid draws their bow at Team Stroud

We would love more diversity in our team but right now we are majority female, so celebrating Galentine’s Day was high on Joanna’s agenda this year. Like with most Team Stroud events, she kept this well under wraps.

Late afternoon, each team member received a special delivery, a dozen red roses, a bottle of champagne & heart shaped chocolate liqueurs. Inside the gift bag were two envelopes with strict instructions not to open until 17.00 on the MS Teams BIG Reveal.  

Already feeling full of love and giddy for our evening, Joanna revealed the much anticipated Friday night surprise.

What was it...? A virtual Neals Yard Remedies pamper night hosted by the wonderful Amy Harris, Neals Yard Consultant. The evening included a facial pamper kit and a wonderful introduction to products that look after mind, body and soul - what's not to love?! This was the ultimate relaxation in the comfort of our own homes. From face masks and deep cleanses to essentials oils, it was the perfect start to our Valentines weekend.

Special thanks to Amy Harris for her wonderful insight into Neals Yard Remedies products. Joanna, thank you for pampering us and for always going the extra mile to make us feel special and appreciated during these unprecedented times, we are looking forward to when we can have these team building events together in person.