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Our First Health and Wellness Speaker - Claire Cutler-Casey

As part of the launch of our new Health and Wellbeing Program, we invited Claire Cutler-Casey to talk to our team about managing stress in the office and outside of work. Claire Cutler-Casey is a Kinesiologist based in York, she has over 15 years experience delivering innovative, inspirational business and marketing training, holistic business retreats and coaching to the holistic and person centred industry. Helping amazing practitioners to be brilliant business people, everyday. 

She spoke to the team about the causes of stress, and we were shocked to find out that the main culprit is dehydration! She informed us of the importance of drinking water throughout the day, to increase bodily functions and productivity. She always taught us ways to relax when sitting down or before we go to sleep, by relaxing each muscle group from our toes to our heads. She provided advice on people's sleeping patterns and habits and also about stress in general. 

Claire was a great speaker to launch our new program, we now encourage the team to refill their water bottles hourly, the keep a chart of how much we're drinking daily and encourage the team to get out of their seat and stretch from time to time. 

Thank you to Claire for the guidance you've given us towards a stress-free future! For more details about Claire's services you can find her details at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claire-cutler-casey-ckrp-a8550219/?originalSubdomain=uk


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