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How to Attract the Best Candidates When Hiring

The last year has seen an unprecedented shake-up in the job market – one which may yet be far from over – with the numbers of both vacancies and people looking for work soaring in 2021. So, while many companies are finding hiring difficult, they’re also paradoxically overwhelmed by applications. This means it can sometimes be hard to cut through all the noise and find the best candidates out there – the ones that will make a real difference to your business. 

There are, however, a few ways you can promote your vacancy – and yourself – to maximise your chances of finding that perfect addition to your team. Here are our top 5 tips for attracting the best talent: 


Know your Employee Value Proposition 

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the value an employee gets in exchange for bringing their skills and expertise to your team. More than just salary, this is the unique set of benefits working for your company brings an employer. It encompasses everything from company culture to holiday entitlement and other perks, and it’s ultimately what sets you apart from the other million or more vacancies currently advertised. You should be clear and honest about what your EVP is - why a candidate should work for you - and put that at the forefront of your offering. Make sure this EVP is reflected in your social media channels and on any careers section of your website. It’s also a good idea to use sites like Glassdoor and Trustpilot to showcase your company culture, benefits, and reputation to potential new hires. 


Make your advert stand out! 

Chances are, any candidate reading your job advert will have read hundreds of other adverts for similar roles during their job search, so you need to make sure yours grabs them straight away! One of the best ways to do this is by starting the jobs advert with a clear indication of the salary range and hours you are offering. Studies have shown these are the most important pieces of information to most job seekers, yet only 12% of companies put salaries in their job adverts, so simply offering this information upfront – ideally at the top of the advert, not buried somewhere in the copy - can make you stand out from the crowd. After that, you should add a brief description of the job role, what they can expect an average day to look like, and any professional or educational qualifications required. Then tell them why your company is a great place to work – it’s not going to matter to them unless the role, hours and salary are what they’re looking for! 


Keep the Hiring Process Short 

Yours won’t be the only job the candidate has applied for, so a prompt response could mean the difference between hiring the perfect person and losing them to a competitor. A shorter overall hiring process also limits the risk of competing brands approaching prospective candidates, and candidates are much more likely to stay engaged in the process! According to a recent study, the average length of time from advertising to filling a role in the UK is 27.5 days – but don’t worry if your process takes a little longer than this, just ensure you maintain good communication with candidates and manage their expectations around the speed of the process.


Be Flexible around your interview process 

The covid pandemic has opened up new ways of working - and not everyone agrees on whether this is a good thing! One major change is that many more interviews – especially at the first stage – are taking place remotely. Depending on what kind of office/home-working balance you are offering, it may be the case that you interview entirely online, or you may wish to run a skills test that requires candidates to all be in the same room. Either way, it’s important to offer a reasonable degree of flexibility when arranging these, as people’s requirements around covid-safety, travel and childcare may still vary greatly. 

Showing you are considerate of these needs, even at the interview stage, will highlight your company’s commitment to supporting diverse needs, which in turn will help attract more diverse candidates. Multiple studies have shown that a more diverse team brings a plethora of benefits, so catering for differences all the way through your hiring process really is a no-brainer. 


Give Feedback 

It’s amazing how many people overlook this one, but it’s possibly the most important on this list. Firstly, giving feedback is a simple professional courtesy, and for candidates, it makes a real difference to their experience interviewing for you if it’s followed up with honest, helpful feedback. Even if you don’t offer candidates a job, they’ll remember that you took the time to tell them how they can improve - and that you’re the kind of employer who values good feedback! Perhaps the candidate wasn’t quite right for the role you were advertising, but they could be perfect the next time you are looking to hire. If you’ve made sure their experience has been positive throughout the process, they’re much more likely to keep you on their radar – and to apply with you again when more opportunities come up. 

Even though it’s a tough market for good candidates right now, providing every applicant with a good experience of your company, regardless of their personal suitability for the role, is one of the best ways you can attract top talent.  

Another great way is to partner with Stroud Resourcing and let our expert recruiters find prominent healthcare candidates from around the world, even those who aren’t actively looking for work. 

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