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6 ways working with a recruiter can benefit your job search

If you’re looking for a change of job, or even a change of career, partnering with a good recruiter could make your job search much easier, faster, and more successful. Here are a few of the ways working with a recruiter can aid you:

Cut down your job search time

Recruiters generally have access to multiple positions at different companies. It’s part of their job to fully understand these companies and roles, what makes them great, and what kind of person they’re looking for. This means you’re effectively splitting the workload with the recruiter – you have more time to make sure your CV is dazzling, and they can use their network of employers to match you with a great role.

Access exclusive opportunities

Recruiters are often the first to know about new opportunities, and sometimes they’ll be head-hunting for roles that are not advertised to everyone. Working with a good recruiter means you’ll hear about suitable roles first, and you should aim to build a relationship so that they think of you first when an appropriate new job comes in.

A Guide Through the Process

A good recruiter is always trying to find the best possible candidates for their clients, so it’s in their interest that you’re prepared and come across well to any employers they recommend you to. This means they can give you great tips on how to best present your CV, interview preparation, and some background on the company. As well as streamlining your job hunt, this leaves you better set up to ace any interviews you’re invited to and helps you make a great first impression with potential employers.

Niche Industry Knowledge

Knowledge of the industry they’re working within is an essential skill for any recruiter – and the best will truly be experts in their niche. This can be useful no matter what industry you work in – it’s always good to know you’re working with someone who knows what they’re talking about – but it’s invaluable if you work in a highly specialised industry. At Stroud Resourcing, all our recruitment consultants specialise in a single area of medicine or nursing, meaning they have granular knowledge of the industry and real expertise on the types of jobs they recruit for. This means our candidates can be certain they’re working with people who understand their role, industry, and needs.

Negotiate a Better Salary

Having been briefed on the salary range an employer is offering, a recruiter should be able to help you set reasonable expectations about what you could be earning, but they’ll always try to get you as close to the top of that range as they can. Recruiters are often paid a percentage of the salary they’re recruiting for, so it is in their interests to get you that pay rise. The results can be quite significant; Stroud Resourcing averages between a 12% and 18% pay increase for candidates we help place.

Stay in the database

If you don’t get a job offer the first time, a good recruiter should provide you with feedback so you’re always moving forward with your job search. Even if this is the case, building a relationship with a recruiter means they’re likely to call you next time they have a position they think you’d be well suited to. They know you’re somebody’s perfect candidate, it’s just about finding the right fit!

Moving jobs can be a stressful time but working with a recruiter can take a lot of the pressure off, and help you secure the best possible role. To find out if Stroud Resourcing can help you find the perfect job in the healthcare sector, give us a call today on 01904 233910, or why not check out our other top tips for developing your career?