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Erin Falkingham

Digital Marketing Coordinator

What’s Erin responsible for: As our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Erin takes care of our digital marketing strategy, keeping our brand on track and making sure things run smoothly day-to-day.

Erin is known for: Creativity, empathy and hard-work; Erin sees the best in everyone and will go out of her way to help friends and colleagues alike.

What people say about Erin: Erin is passionate and open-minded in her work - her calm and creative nature makes her a great member of the team.

Outside of work Erin loves: Erin loves everything from attending art exhibitions and music gigs, to running her own design business alongside her role at Stroud. You’ll often find her at music festivals, socialising with friends (or cooking for them), walking in the Lake District or talking about her cat, Seb. If there’s a new restaurant in town, Erin’s there.

Sorry, I currently have no live roles.

We are always interested to speak with talented professionals. We represent some of the UK’s most eminent healthcare employers, these organisations take recruitment seriously and adopt a long-term view of not only filling positions for today but identifying the candidates that will fill positions for tomorrow. If we know someone that can help our clients maintain a competitive edge through facilitating growth - it’s our obligation to make our clients aware of the individual before a competitor snaps you up! We’re obsessed with finding people that can solve our client’s problems, so if you’re looking to secure your dream job and want to be represented by the best in industry, look no further. We’d love to help – it is what Stroud Resourcing is all about.

If you’re considering a career with Stroud Resourcing, then look no further. We have our very own Training Academy, we’ll impart decades of experience, skills and techniques – giving you best opportunity to maximise your earnings and fast track your career. Please contact us via careers@stroudresourcing.co.uk or call us on 01904239910.

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