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Tess' Food Frenzy!

Stroud Resourcing celebrated another fantastic month - we started with a presentation covering our financial performance, followed by our rewards.

Jessica was awarded for the top phone figures, earning her £25 in L.K. Bennett vouchers, she was also crowned our Employee of the Month! Jessica reached her quarterly target - she was reward with even more vouchers to spend! 

Then it was time for our monthly activity - hosted by Tess. Tess is a foodie at heart so there's no surprise that her activity was food themed. We split the team into 2 groups and competed against each other on a number of activities which included: a food/drink related quiz, transferring M&Ms from one bowl to the next using chopsticks in the form of a relay; eating doughnuts hanging from a piece of string race;  and each member of the team had to balance a can of pop on its side, whichever team had all 3 balancing first won. 

After our activity the team met at our local pub for afternoon drinks ready to unwind for the weekend. We can't wait for our next monthly activity! 



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