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Our Carbon Neutrality Pledge

One of our proudest certifications as a business is our accreditation by the Good Business Charter. This pledge commits us to 10 principles of fair, sustainable business, and one of the most important of those is environmental responsibility.

As we see the effects of climate change more clearly every year, it’s all our responsibility to try to live and work in greener ways, but undeniably business leaders, in particular, must step up and commit to reducing our environmental impact.

For small businesses - especially those that sell services - it can be difficult to know where to start, but we’ve found carbonfootprint.com is a fantastic environmental partner and their straightforward online calculator makes it easy to calculate your environmental impact as an individual or a business.

What’s more, they have dozens of diverse projects you can support, from renewable power projects to supporting people all over the world with fuel poverty alleviation.

We chose to fund the planting of 30 trees to fight biodiversity decline in Britain’s ecosystems, though all of their projects are great, socially conscious ways to offset the carbon your business produces.

Find out more at carbonfootprint.org