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See you in 2019!

To celebrate our last day in the office before we seperated over the holidays, the team played a fun game of pin the nose on Rudolph. To make it more interesting, we would move Rudolph to another wall meaning the blindfolded employee would walk around aimlessly - often pinning the red nose on another employee! 

Then we played a quick game of ABCs - Christmas style. The aim of the game was to take it in turns to say a word related to Christmas beginning with a given letter of the alphabet. If you took longer than 10 seconds you're out!  

After the office games, we all headed to Slug and Lettuce for more festive fun. We exchanged our secret santa gifts and also took part in two more Christmas quizzes - name that movie, and guess the celebrity behind the santa mask!

We all had a great time and tucked into a cocktail tree! What a great end to the year!