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Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Stroud Resourcing!

Here at Stroud Resourcing we are proud to be celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary! This event coincided with our end of quarter celebration, whereby the team huddled in the boardroom to review our financial performance from the last quarter, phone figures and we introduced our employee of the quarter – Hannah!

Hannah has demonstrated great commitment to her colleagues and has exceeded expectations for her role. She is responsible for creating exciting materials for the office such as posters, brochures, visual boards and reward cards. Hannah is described as a being caring, compassionate, self-motivating, generous and efficient. Well done!

There were a few special mentions involved, firstly Tess thanked her buddy Jessica for her encouragement and support since she started. Jessica was given a 'Best Buddy' badge, vouchers for M&S, and most importantly, Tess delivered a special poem - how sweet! This was followed by our monthly hand out of special badges which highlight both achievements and humorous antics from the office. We were also happy to announce that Jessica is our new internal recruitment ambassador!

Next the team wanted to thank our trainer, Andrew for his incredible commitment to the business as well as his compassion for fellow colleagues. Andrew brings a lot of excitement and energy into the office which can be needed, especially on a Monday morning. Andrew was given a lovely set of cufflinks from Paul Smith!

Finally, the team wanted to thank our managing director, Joanna for all of her hard work and commitment to both the business and employees. Joanna is Wonder Woman in our eyes, she spins plates like no other, is always mindful of the company's progress and what's needed from each consultant. She has spent weeks preparing our new website, as well as helping our training manager, Andrew prepare the training schedule for our new graduates. We all applauded Joanna as she was given a special bouquet of lilies.







Straight after the presentation, the SMT team including Hannah raced against time to prepare for our secret activity - a Stroud's Sports Day complete with an elaborate picnic! Joanna was in charge of preparing the food, whereas Andrew, Guy and Hannah set up our event at Hob Moor in York. We set up the gazebo, chairs and table for the picnic. Then created a track for the sports day to take place, we also created start and finish flags, and placed all of the equipment aside to be ready for other colleagues to arrive. The biggest surprise for the team on arrival was our mascot, Richmond a 10kg GIANT teddy bear, who the losing team would have to take care of for the remainder of the day/night! Upon arrival we had music playing whilst the team dug in to a selection of sweet and savoury snacks, as well as a glass of champagne. 








The games began at 13:30 - the team was divided into the red and blue team. The 5 activities included: egg and spoon race, sack race, balloon stomp, bear race and relay. The red team were off to a flying start with nearly 20 points ahead of the   blues, however the blues put up quite a fight towards the end and the scores were very close. In the end, the winning team was....... the BLUE team! The practicality of carrying the teddy bear wasn't possible, so the red team got away without carrying the bear around York, it was taken back to Joanna's house! 

Stroud had a great day, and it built strong bonds within the teams and we were ready to continue celebrating into the night! After muchly needed showers, the team met up at All Bar One in York for an evening buffet and drinks! We also celebrated the company’s birthday with cake! Celebrations continued on until early hours of the next morning! What a brilliant way to end our quarter!                           

We are currently recruiting for our Autumn 2018 intake, if you feel that you have the skills needed to be a recruitment consultant, we want to hear from you! Email your CV to joanna.stroud@stroudresourcing.co.uk or call us on 01904 239910.


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