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Hannah's BTS Themed Party!

To see Hannah off for her sabbatical trip to South East Asia in style, the team organised for her a surprise BTS-themed party!

Hannah was blindfolded and couldn't believe it when we revealed to her our boardroom covered in BTS decorations with her favourite songs playing in the background. BTS is a Korean Pop group who Hannah can't get enough of! We popped open a bottle of bubbly and toasted to Hannah, who as Office Coordinator is key to keeping everything in check at Stroud.

Next, it was time to see the slideshow prepared by Andrew! In one image, the face of every member from BTS had been replaced by the face of one of our team - we all found this hilarious! The slideshow also showed Hannah's highlights from over her time here at Stroud, with another of BTS's hit songs playing in the background.


We all enjoyed celebrating with Hannah and gave her a great send off. Now she's off to Bangkok to kick off the first leg of her sabbatical trip to South East Asia! 





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