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End of the month event- Afternoon Tea and Thor’s Tipi

We were fortunate to have such a lovely sunny day for our end of month event! The team headed off to York Museum Gardens and we set ourselves up to have a big picnic. We started with a bit of bubbly (of course) and cheers to the achievements made that month.

The team presented the monthly figures in a very creative way with a ‘BBC styled’ presentation, we then enjoyed a delicious spread of food, this included sandwiches, quiche, cream cakes and scones. It was safe to say everyone was very happy, but the scone debate still continues.

We then moved to the river and continued with drinks, soaking up the sun and taking in the river views. Everyone then set off again and we made our way to Thor’s Tipi, which is a unique pop up bar in York. The team were kindly brought drinks by Guy and Jo, the girls enjoyed some delicious cocktails and the boys a refreshing beer.

“I had a really fun time, even if I did end up getting sunburnt! My favourite part was definitely eating the yummy scones in the museum gardens.” - Eleanor