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End of Quarter 3!

To celebrate acheiving our Quarterly target, the Stroud team finished early for a company presentation which incorporated our financial performance, awards and our team badges. Jessica was awarded the Best Attraction Campaign and was gifted £50 vouchers!

Members of the team were presented with unique badges highlighting a memorable moment for them. Hannah was awarded an extra special badge - Unsung Hero which resembles her hard-work and dedication towards Stroud. She handles many tasks simultaneously, and is always at hand for any requests the team have. Hannah was also rewarded £50! After the presentation, the team were given a secret activity - York Museum Treasure Trails!

The team were split into three teams and each embarked a two-hour treasure hunt around the city. The first team back was the winner. Well done to Guy and Tess! Towards the end of the afternoon, the team headed down to ASK Italian to enjoy some more drinks and delicious food. Celebrations continued into the late evening where more drinks were served! Then the team departed their ways ready for an extra long bank holiday weekend ready for another rewarding week at Stroud!


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