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The Top 10 Traits of a Terrific Talent Acquisition Partner

If you’re a hiring manager or HR professional, chances are you’ve considered working with a recruiter to fill a vacancy. But in an industry notorious for rogue behaviour, you want to be sure anyone you outsource your hiring process to is going to leave potential candidates with a great impression of your company and attract the best talent available to interview for your vacancy. So, what are the tell-tale signs you’re working with a great recruiter – one who will go above and beyond to make the hiring process as efficient and effective as it can be, and create a great experience for everyone involved? Here are our top ten traits to look for in a recruitment partner.

They look credible online

Most recruiters today will do a lot of their work through social media, particularly LinkedIn. This means you can quickly assess the credibility of any recruiter you’re in contact with by checking out their online profile.  If they have very few contacts or little activity on their social media pages, this is not usually a good sign (though it may just mean they are new to recruitment). One thing to look out for is industry insight and posts that aren’t just job adverts – good recruiters tend to keep abreast of what’s happening in their industry and share useful info with others in their network.

They have good communication skills

Possibly the most important skill for a recruiter is the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. Recruiters need to be able to sell a job role and employer culture to potential candidates, and often only have a few seconds to pitch themselves and the roles they are selling. This should come across in every interaction you have with a recruiter – the ability to communicate with you, concisely, and graciously is an absolute must.

They take the time to understand your vacancy needs

Any role is more than just a job title and a salary range. Your recruiting partners should always take an interest in company culture and the kind of candidate you are looking for. Perhaps you’re searching for specific qualifications, more concerned with attitude and cultural fit, or need someone who can work flexible hours – a good recruiter will nail down exactly what’s important to you as a hiring manager.

They seek answers to questions that will help them sell the job

Any recruiter worth their salt will ask you a lot of questions, not just about the role, but about your facilities and wider business. They take the time to understand your employer value proposition and make sure that they understand the benefits of working for your company. This means that when they find the perfect candidate for you, they have all the info they need to explain why.

They provide market insight & positively challenge you

A good recruiter should have granular knowledge of the industry they work in. In particular, they should understand current market trends and developments and have a good knowledge of the hiring landscape in your industry.

They demonstrate tenacity with their search process

Most candidates – often including the very best – will not be found on job search sites, and although they may be open to hearing about new roles, are not actively looking for work. So just throwing your advert onto some job boards is unlikely to attract the candidates you want. Good recruiters leverage their network to reach potential applicants.

They make good matches

The ultimate goal of a recruiter is to find the best possible candidate for your vacancy. So, the candidates they refer to you should be carefully vetted to ensure they have the qualities you’re looking for, and you won’t be wasting your time interviewing somebody unsuitable. Even the very best recruiters won’t always get this right, but they will always display good judgement in choosing which candidates to put in front of you.

They protect the candidate journey

When you hire a candidate, you want to be sure that they are joining your team eager and ready to hit the ground running. By introducing your company, providing background and information on key individuals and workplace culture, a great recruiter will walk all the candidates through each step of the process, fully prepare them for their first day, and ensure that your company is presented in the best possible light all the while.

They provide constructive feedback

If something isn’t working, a recruiter should be able to tell you about it. Part of their communication skill is providing clear, honest, and practical feedback to candidates and, when necessary, to you, the client. Perhaps the salary you are offering is way below market rates, or the hours you’re advertising are unusual for the industry.

They act as an extension of your recruitment team

Nobody is better qualified to make decisions about new hires than your existing team. Any recruiter you work with should act as an ambassador for your in-house talent acquisition team, providing support and acting as a conduit of information between you and potential candidates. A recruiter needs to be honest, tenacious, and proactive, but perhaps most importantly they need to feel like a member of your team. Knowing a recruiter shares your goal of attracting the best possible talent to your business, and can act as an extension of your team is the very best outcome for your relationship

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