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Recruitment Mythbusting #2 - Training & Apprenticeships

“There’s no such thing as a degree in recruitment” went the old adage. And while you can’t (yet) get a BA or BSc in recruiting, there are now several qualifications and diplomas available for those of you wanting to learn the recruitment ropes. These range from NVQs and diplomas to professional accreditations and are available on a variety of models from self-directed study to paid apprenticeships.

With many UK employers struggling to fill roles, the recruitment industry is booming right now. And due to the great earning potential and opportunities for progression in the industry, many graduates and school leavers see it as an attractive industry to work in, so education and qualifications for recruitment have never been in more demand.

There’s a lot of info out there for anyone interested in training as a recruiter, or developing your current skills, so we gathered a few of the most popular options together for you here.

NVQs & Apprenticeships

The government apprenticeship levy has made it much easier for employers to offer apprenticeships in a variety of specialities and industries, meaning the options for these have exploded in the past few years.

Apprenticeships are a type of course where you’ll combine in-work training with self-directed study to qualify, usually after 1-3 years. You are assessed on a combination of course work and workplace behaviour, so you develop both hard and soft skills during the course.

One of the most popular options for the recruitment industry is the new Recruitment Consultant (Level 3) apprenticeship. This gives trainees everything they need to learn the basics of the industry from searching for and screening candidates to negotiating and agreeing on terms of business with clients. By combining formal learning with on-the-job training, this apprenticeship gives novice recruiters an understanding of the principles governing the industry at the same time as an opportunity to build experience of how they operate in practice.


The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) – a professional body for recruiters – offer a level 5 diploma in Recruitment Leadership, equivalent to an undergraduate degree. This course usually takes place part-time over four years, though participants are free to pause and resume their studies at any time. This qualification prepares more experienced recruiters for the responsibilities of leadership and management. This includes strategic planning, financial management, business governance and marketing, all with a focus on the recruitment and staffing industry. Because of the level of complexity, this is usually undertaken by senior managers or directors. It’s also a very intensive qualification, as studying must be fit around your full-time role, but the qualification on offer is highly esteemed.

CIPD Schemes

The CIPD (that’s the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development when they’re at home) are a professional body for the HR and learning & development professions and provides professional training and accreditation for these and related industries. For recruiters, they offer several courses in HR, leadership, diversity & inclusion and more. This is a great option for recruiters with some experience who want to stand out from the crowd, develop their skills and progress their careers. They’re a great way to keep your skills up-to-date, learn about developments in the industry, and bridge the gap between your existing expertise and the knowledge required for career progression. Good recruitment employers often support and encourage their teams to undertake CIPD training.

These three types of qualifications are the most likely to be beneficial to recruiters at various career stages, but that doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself to just them if you’re looking to advance your recruitment career. There are bucketloads of courses and qualifications to pursue that will teach provide valuable professional development throughout your career, and it’s always worth asking if your employer participates in training partnerships.

If you’re considering a career in recruitment, Stroud Resourcing now offers a full apprenticeship programme where you can earn while you learn. With a generous starting salary and personalised career support, this is a fantastic opportunity to kick-start your career. Why not apply today?