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Build a Professional Brand – Start With a Photo!

As an early advocate of the platform, Stroud Resourcing Managing Director Joanna Stroud has spent over a decade using LinkedIn to source and place talented healthcare professionals in their dream roles across all types of independent healthcare providers. In our LinkedIn Mythbusting #2, she shares top tips for internal recruiters and hiring managers to make the most of this professional social network.

Tip 2 – Build a professional brand - start with a photo!

One of the most important steps to establishing a professional LinkedIn brand is to create an up-to-date profile. Start by ensuring all the information on your profile is accurate and up to date. You should include a professional looking profile picture, a headline that reflects your current career objectives, and a summary that explains your professional experience, achievements, and qualifications. You should also make sure to include a list of your skills and expertise, as well as any relevant awards, certifications, or publications you have earned. This will help potential employers or prospective applicants to gain a better understanding of the value you can bring to them.

Let's start with why a LinkedIn photo is so important!

Your LinkedIn profile is potentially the first pit stop that a candidate will choose when assessing a career move. Failing to have a credible photo is a massive faux pas and reflects poorly on you personally and moreover your employer.

In summary, having a profile picture on LinkedIn is essential for making a good impression and building trust. Choose a photo that accurately represents your professional identity and will help to make you stand out from the competition.