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Face to Face Interviews

First impressions count - The truth is, there is no such thing as an “informal” interview – all interviews have formality! Make sure you are suited and booted, and make a strong introduction – eye contact, firm handshake, introduce yourself to all interviewers. Be polite to everyone you meet (receptionist, PA, colleagues etc.).

Prepare & Practice - Prepare as if it were a formal interview – prepare questions to ask, rehearse answers, research the company and role. Make sure you’re aware of the details and arrangements – where, when and who are you meeting, and the structure for the interview. Take a pad and pen (professional ones).

During the interview - Be prepared to talk through your CV, so make sure you know the facts on your CV like the back of your hand, i.e., dates you worked at companies, your job title, reasons for leaving, and final salaries. Talk through your main responsibilities and highlight at least three key achievements per role. Don’t raise the issue of money but be prepared to discuss it if raised by the interviewer. 

Make a strong final impression – thank the interviewers for their time, tell them you’ve enjoyed the interview and that you’re interested in the role and company.

Good answers to prepare: