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4 Things To Consider When Implementing Recruitment Initiatives


The savvy employer is constantly looking at ways to reduce recruitment costs, a great place to start is looking at your internal recruitment initiatives. We've compiled our top '4 things to consider when implementing recruitment initiatives' to help you, your business and your future employees.

Get ahead: Get recognised.


1. What are the objectives?

Objectives are key to the start of any recruitment process. Creating a structure for this allows you to set guidlines that can help you acheive goals such as:


2. What resource do you have to manage these recruitment initiatives?

Resource means time and time means money. Assessing the resource required for any recruitment campaign can mean that you save both time and money.

You should be asking each of these questions internally so that you can outsource the right help and advice for your organisation if it's needed.


3. What budget spend do you have?

It's important to be aware of your budget from the get-go.

Asking crucial funding questions can help you reach the return on investment you're looking to acheive:


4. What does your employer brand say about you?

How do you sell your employer brand? Is there instant available information about the benefits of working for you?

A great place to start is reviewing your recruitment website. We found this excellent source of information ‘10 things to consider before investing in your recruitment website’