Fertility Consultant (2)

Often the Fertility Consultants that we work with seek a role that not only challenges them but allows them to achieve a more varied work balance. This clinic offers the perfect solution – a startup business provides you with the perfect opportunity to not only provide exemplary care but also be involved with growing and shaping a brand-new service.

£90,000.00 - £100,000.00

Central London

Pharmacy Manager (1)

Most Senior Clinical Pharmacists that we represent are keen not to lose their patient contact but are interested in developing their management skills. We represent an independent private hospital who can solve this problem as they are recruiting for ‘a hands’ on clinical pharmacist who is able to lead the team of 5 with a 60% clinical versus 40% non-clinical role split.

£60,000.00 - £70,000.00

Central London

Senior Account Manager

We are representing a private healthcare provider whom offer life saving care throughout their growing network of Cancer Treatment Centres. They have formed an innovative partnership with a US medical devices manufacturer who provide a pioneering approach to Radiotherapy.

£55,000.00 - £60,000.00


Senior Staff Nurse

One of the biggest challenges that Staff Nurses face is working with limited resource whilst still providing the best care for their patients. We work with a client who has solved this problem for their Nursing team – they invest significantly in training, engage their workforce and are committed to providing high nurse to patient ratio!

£25,000.00 - £30,000.00


Ward Sister

The Ward Sisters that we represent often discuss the challenges of being able to provide individualised care amid coping with stretched budgets and a low nurse to patient ratio. We work with a client who has solved this problem for their nursing team by investing in their facilities and giving the nurses time to support their patients.

£35,000.00 - £40,000.00


Fertility Nurse (1)

The Fertility Nurses we work with love spending time with their patients and are frustrated with the increasing compartmentalisation of their roles and subsequent reduction in patient contact.

£35,000.00 - £40,000.00

Greater London

Fertility Consultant (1)

The Fertility Consultants we represent tell us that a key impact on their job satisfaction is unrealistic expectations with workload.

£125,000.00 - £150,000.00

Greater London

Ward Manager

The Ward Managers that we represent tell us that one the of most challenging parts of their job is managing unexpected operational issues whilst keeping the flow of patients moving. We represent a hospital group whose healthcare IT solutions and commitment to regular floor walks enabling exceptional forward planning and solve this problem for their nursing teams.

£40,000.00 - £45,000.00

North West