Clinical Services

Fertility Consultant (2)

Often the Fertility Consultants that we work with seek a role that not only challenges them but allows them to achieve a more varied work balance. This clinic offers the perfect solution – a startup business provides you with the perfect opportunity to not only provide exemplary care but also be involved with growing and shaping a brand-new service.

£90,000.00 - £100,000.00

Central London

Pre-Assessment Lead Nurse

The Pre-Assessment Sisters that we represent have become increasingly frustrated with the reduced time they are getting with patients. You won’t have this problem working with this hospital – they have outstanding patient satisfaction due to their commitment to promote better care with optimal nurse-to-patient ratio.

£40,000.00 - £45,000.00

Greater London

Clinical Specialist

The clinical specialists in my network tell me that their diaries are constantly been overloaded with work from the sales team, feeling overworked and underappreciated. My client solves this issue by empowering their clinical specialists to plan their schedules, allowing them to maximise their time visiting key accounts.

£25,000.00 - £30,000.00


Fertility Consultant

Many of the Fertility Consultants we speak with feel their excessive caseloads negatively impact the patients journey. The clinic we represent have solved this issue for their Consultants – they have continuity of care with their patients, meaning you can dedicate the time to support them from start to finish!

£100,000.00 - £125,000.00

Central London