Export Sales Manager - Europe (1)

Job Title: Export Sales Manager - Europe Based: South East & Europe Salary: Up to £55,000, 15%…

£50,000.00 - £55,000.00

South East

National Business Development Manager/England

The business development managers in my network tell me that selling outdated uninspiring products is their biggest frustration. Our client, a provider of cutting-edge nerve stimulation and anaesthesia devices, solves this issue for its sales team with a product portfolio which supersedes the market.

£55,000.00 - £60,000.00

South East

Fertility Consultant (2)

Often the Fertility Consultants that we work with seek a role that not only challenges them but allows them to achieve a more varied work balance. This clinic offers the perfect solution – a startup business provides you with the perfect opportunity to not only provide exemplary care but also be involved with growing and shaping a brand-new service.

£90,000.00 - £100,000.00

Central London

Area Sales Manager (3)

Medical sales professionals in the infancy of their career often face trying to establish themselves in the industry without their efforts being rewarded. They are presented with unrealistic targets and unachievable bonuses that can negatively impact their appetite for the role, stunting their progress. My client provides a solution to this issue by rewarding their employees with a bonus scheme that recognises their hard work and celebrates success.

£25,000.00 - £30,000.00


Pharmacy Manager (1)

Most Senior Clinical Pharmacists that we represent are keen not to lose their patient contact but are interested in developing their management skills. We represent an independent private hospital who can solve this problem as they are recruiting for ‘a hands’ on clinical pharmacist who is able to lead the team of 5 with a 60% clinical versus 40% non-clinical role split.

£60,000.00 - £70,000.00

Central London

Area Sales Manager (2)

A common reason for sales professionals to seek a career move is a lack of stability within their current company. They regularly feel at risk working for a company that lacks investment and ambition, often craving a position within a growing and financially stable organisation. The company I am representing provides the perfect solution - as a global brand they provide assurance that your future is safe with them, with consistent investment in their products and their employees alongside a hunger to succeed and further develop within the market.

£35,000.00 - £40,000.00

Yorkshire & Humberside

Pre-Assessment Lead Nurse

The Pre-Assessment Sisters that we represent have become increasingly frustrated with the reduced time they are getting with patients. You won’t have this problem working with this hospital – they have outstanding patient satisfaction due to their commitment to promote better care with optimal nurse-to-patient ratio.

£40,000.00 - £45,000.00

Greater London

Territory Sales Manager (3)

One of the most common factors that often prompts sales professionals to consider a career move is micromanagement - they are frustrated by the lack of freedom and feel undervalued. The company I am recruiting for provides a solution to this problem – with a more hands-off approach, they set clear targets and then allow employees do their jobs with minimal direct supervision.

£30,000.00 - £35,000.00

South West