An NHS Private Patient Partnership in the North West

As part of a supplier benchmarking exercise we were assigned to manage the head hunt campaign for the Head of Clinical Oncology Services at a new NHS private patient partnership clinic in the North West.

The Challenge

A private patient partnership between a leading international hospital group and an NHS Foundation Trust was established. The new clinic was due to open within four months of us being briefed on the role. There were no internal candidates and the existing recruitment suppliers had been unsuccessful in providing suitable candidates. Restricted timescales was a key challenge so speed of delivery was crucial.

The northern location of clinic posed a further challenge for the hospital group due to having limited knowledge of local salaries. They needed to gain competitor market intelligence for salary benchmarks.

The Solution

We worked with the Chief Operating Officer, NHS Ventures to create a comprehensive vacancy brief.

We mapped out target hospitals to a forty mile radius and identified all candidates with relevant job titles before making initial approaches. The opportunity was only disclosed to candidates that successfully matched the key vacancy criteria.

Candidates were met by us face to face and we carried out competency based interviews. Only the highest performing candidates were put forward.

The shortlist was presented within twenty-seven days. Two of the three candidates submitted progressed to the final interview stage. The successful candidate was offered the position and has since joined our client.