Career Advice

At Stroud Resourcing we are committed to supporting your  journey to find a new job, from producing a good CV through to finding the right role for your skills.

We have compliled a range of articles to assist you which can be found below.


Tips on writing a good CV


A CV is your opportunity to highlight your skills and experience to a potential employer and secure an interview. The essential tip to writing a winning CV is to tailor your CV to each role you are applying for.

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How to manage your job search

Job Search

It is not quite as simple as creating a generic CV, attaching a cover letter and waiting to hear back. This may have been adequate some years ago, but now you have to shine, standing out above all others.

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How to deal with a head hunt call 


You're good at your job, so the chances are your name is out there, and you could be called by a head hunter about the possibility of a job opportunity. It's best to be prepared for this eventuality, even if your answer is no.

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Questions to ask an employer

Job Inteview

Prior to a formal interview, a prospective employer may offer you the chance to informally come along to gain more of an understanding about a role. There are questions you ask and question you don’t ask.

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You are what you wear: getting your interview outfit right


You’ve crafted your relevant qualifications and your corporate work experience in an impressive, tailored CV; mailed it out with a bespoke covering letter detailing your suitability to the position and scored yourself an interview next week. However, there’s one key decision left for you to make and that’s deciding on your interview outfit.

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How to prepare for a competency based interview

Interview Prep

Competency based questions are designed to let you show that you have the skills and knowledge needed to do the job. A competency based interview is generally focused 50% on your job skills and 50% on your behavioural competencies.

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Preparing a presentation


For management and sales positions it is common to be asked to prepare a presentation. This enables the employer to assess your organisation, communication and analysis skills. It is crucial that you demonstrate your ability to follow instructions. In most cases you will be asked to deliver a presentation on a subject matter that you are already familiar with.

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Be salary savvy, but don’t price yourself out of a job


There's a job on offer and you want it, but there's one thing concerning you - the salary is only a few percentage points above your current role. There are two paths down which you can go with this dilemma.