The savvy employer is constantly looking at ways to reduce recruitment costs, a great place to start is looking at your internal recruitment initiatives;

4 things to consider when implementing recruitment initiatives

1. What are the objectives?

Objectives may include reduce spend per hire, increase attraction rates, reduce time to hire…

2. What resource do you have to manage these recruitment initiatives?

Are you centralising a unit? Are your departments going to drive and manage the initiatives? Do you have the skill base within your existing teams or do you need to look externally?

3. What budget spend do you have?

Where is the money coming from to fund these initiatives? Is there a pot of money allocated? Are your departments contributing, how will they contribute and how often?

4. What does your employer brand say about you?

How do you sell your employer brand? Is there instant available information about the benefits of working for you? A great place to start is reviewing your recruitment website. We found this excellent source of information ‘10 things to consider before investing in your recruitment website’