In the healthcare and medical devices sector, many roles are classically ‘hard to fill’ because they are often highly specialised and require a complex background of knowledge, skills and a variety of personal and professional attributes.  Therefore, to have a successful recruitment model you need to adopt a number of recruitment strategies and have highly skilled recruiters in your team. You also need a robust head hunt solution that does not compromise the ethics of your business. Stroud Resourcing highly recommend Bespoke RPO as a recruitment solution – and here’s why.

Brand management

A Bespoke RPO provider acts as your internal recruitment function, they trade under your brand and work to objectives in line with your business goals.

Cost effective

Bespoke RPO offers flexibility— unlike an internal recruitment team that is a fixed cost you can flex resources and reduce costs with business needs.

Industry knowledge

Specialised RPO providers may know the sector you’re in rather better than you do in terms of competitors, employment flow and job hunting  behaviour.

Head hunting

There are ethical challenges within internal recruitment team head hunting, but RPO providers can head hunt under their own brand as a traditional head hunter would.

Performance management

RPO providers are accustomed to being managed by various recruitment KPIs. As the employer, you set KPIs that contractually allow you to maintain control.

Highly skilled workforce

To employ credible ex-recruiters into a internal recruitment team can often be very challenging. To secure their interest you have to pay very high salary levels, and ex-recruiters may want to move away from day to day recruitment to focus on strategy. RPO providers give you access to highly skilled recruiters who are passionate about making placements.

Value added benefits

With a Bespoke RPO provider such as Stroud Resourcing, you get ‘value added’ benefits such as the development of an in-house database that you own, should you decide to move RPO provider or bring the service in house.

There are several points in this model that Stroud Resourcing encourage. One of the major advantages of RPO outsourcing is that, all a company’s requirements are in one place and managed by one team with all the necessary resources.  This enables a stronger focus on process management and key performance indicators such as time to hire and ratios of interviews to offers.

Stroud Resourcing strongly advocates Head Hunting when recruiting for a specialised role. A Bespoke RPO provider should trade as your brand, but when required, operate as a third party which enables them to ask questions that an in-house Recruitment Team may find difficult.

  • Dedicated recruitment team
  • Seamless service
  • Sector specialist head hunters
  • Expert knowledge
  • Flexibility
  • Zero ethical constraints
  • Bespoke design
  • Good Value