“Strategic investment decision making has all the elements of a classic cost-benefit analysis”
Dr. Ralph Adler, 2013

OK – so let’s start here and call this career move: A Strategic Investment.

Prior to a formal interview, a prospective employer may offer you the chance to informally come along to gain more of an understanding about a role – this is your chance to:

a] Give an amazing first impression (don’t get carried away with the fact that this is ‘informal’ – of course it isn’t!)
b] Conduct a friendly cost-benefit analysis to figure out how this role will work for you. It sounds like a business deal, because it is a business deal – the more informed both parties are, the more likely this long-term investment is going to work.

During the informal interview, you should bear in mind questions that deal with the following points:

Training Opportunities

  • To maintain the saleability of your fantastic career, life-long learning is almost certainly a part of the deal – embrace this, and question what training they currently offer, and plan to offer in the future in-line with changes in the industry.  Show willing – here, you invest your time for both the company and yourself, and they invest their funding to push you to excel; in turn benefitting company outcomes.


  • Show off your industry/knowledge of cutting edge medical equipment and ask your prospective employer where they stand on new technologies and what plans there are for procurement in the next few years

Joint Ventures

  • Does this organisation have close links with others in the field – are you going to be able to network relatively smoothly?  Are their joint-projects between companies?

Projected Growth

  • This sort of information should be in their latest annual report – swot up before you go, and base some questions about the future of the organisation – this way you’ll get an understanding of your potential position in 1-5 years.

Customer Service

  • How does this organisation maintain top class customer service?  Here you’re demonstrating a keen interest in the outward reputation and becoming personally involved prior to being offered the role – this may strengthen their investment perception of you.
  • This relates to technology too – are the systems up to date, or are there plans to improve in-line with competitors?  How do they analyse their market position in terms of customer satisfaction?

What don’t you ask?

  • Salary band
  • General tasks involved

Why?  Because you’ll know all this from meticulously studying the job description and person specification!