Crucial to any recruitment campaign is the interview process. In order to identify the most suitable individual, whilst providing all candidates you interview with a positive experience, incorporate the following into your current interview process:

Take time to prepare & set the scene
To help candidates identify with the culture of your organisation a meeting on company owned premises, ideally in Head Office is preferable. If this is not possible, ensure that you are interviewing in a comfortable, quiet environment. Review their CV prior to them arriving, highlight any areas of interest or concerns that you may wish to discuss, allowing the candidate to explain in further detail. Crucially this helps resolve any concerns and allows you to explore how they handle potential objections. Check out their online profile, if they are a senior candidate they should be on LinkedIn, you may learn something new about them.

Make the candidate feel welcome
The candidate may be nervous. It is essential that you make them feel comfortable. Offer them a drink, introduce yourself and start out with light sociable conversation. Before commencing the interview inform them of the structure and your objective.



Sell the company
During the interview gain an insight in to why the individual is looking to leave their job. Learn what excites them and what they want to achieve in their next career move. If you meet any of the criteria outlined by the candidate make sure you inform them of this. It could be something as simple as meeting the needs of a more sociable environment or free parking that encourages a candidate to join your business. In a candidate-led process this can help secure the best people for your business ahead of your competitors. Whether you deem the interviewee as suitable or not, you are acting as an ambassador for your employer’s brand, make sure you sell the benefits of joining your business, if they have a poor interview experience they are likely to tell other people.

Adopt competency based questions
The objective of your interview is to identify the skills but it is important to identify the cultural fit of the individual. A competency based interview can provide valuable insights into an individual’s preferred style of working and will help you to identify how they may respond to situations within your work place. However, ease the candidate into the tough questions and give them the opportunity to warm up so that you can get the best from them.

Qualify the facts
If you feel that the candidate has interviewed well and could be a potential fit for the business make sure that you qualify the facts. You need a full break down of their remuneration and their salary expectation. You need an understanding of where they are with other job applications, their notice period and their availability to attend further interviews should this be relevant. If you identify any obstacles that may prevent you being able to offer the candidate or secure their interest be prepared to discuss this with them. This will ensure that you don’t waste your time or theirs committing to a process that cannot provide a positive outcome.

Providing feedback
It is important to provide feedback to a candidate as quickly as possible. A candidate may be involved in other interview processes and a speedy resolution can often help your organisation stand out. For most the feeling of not knowing is worse than a negative outcome therefore, even if on this occasion, the candidate has not been successful, provide them with some constructive feedback which can help them improve in the future. Ultimately candidates will discuss their experience of your business with other people whether that be family, friends or colleagues. If you can give them a speedy resolution to the process this can positively impact the theirs and potentially others’ opinions of your business.

At Stroud Resourcing, we maintain a consistent, positive journey for every applicant. We provide candidates with the confidence that, through our expertise and industry knowledge, we can match the right role to their skills and cultural fit. Our ’40 step’ recruitment process achieves results and creates a great experience for everyone involved – now you can ensure your interview process does the same.