Almost all recruiters use some level of digital platform in their recruitment process—this phenomenon has grown significantly in recent years.

** Overseas recruitment is ever more popular– digital approach, digital reply, skype interviewing.
** More people than ever before are using digital platform media to work and communicate.
** 94% of Recruiters have a LinkedIn business profile page.
** 36% of Candidates have a LinkedIn professional profile page.

  1. They will google you—prepare your online presence.Who are you | What is your expertise | What makes you different | What do you look likeRepeat your image across social platforms that are public—be consistent | be professional.

  2. You have Facebook? You don’t want everyone to see it? Lock it down!

  3. Twitter account? Do the Parent Test—if you’re happy with Dad or Granny reading it—then it’s safe to go public… You are what you tweet (don’t get into Tweeting disputes that could harm your professional image– avoid narcissism, negativity, arrogance!) Follow inspirational companies and individuals, learn from them, add insightful comments and retweet quality messages.

  4. Steer clear of: poor grammar/spelling, dodgy selfies, offensive language, potentially controversial topics, smart phones after a night out.

  5. If you’re yet to create a LinkedIn account– do so today! The speed at which LinkedIn is growing could quite seriously affect your prospects.

  6. LinkedIn: Professional photo, tagline, qualifications summary, employment history, education, career-relevant courses, career-relevant skills.