We have completed the end of our financial year and would like to share a snapshot of our performance

  • Having secured our RPO contract with the Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery in October 2013 we have placed over 240 people with a 69% interview to offer ratio
  • On average we have grown the business by 41% Year on Year over 6 years
  • 93% repeat business of all revenue generate this past financial year has been from existing clients

Year 6 Repeat vs. New Business

  • Our customers keep coming back to us—this shows our quality driven business consistently appeals to our valuable clients.
  • Indeed—93% repeat business is an exceptional figure, to which we should all be proud.
  • We have demonstrated our great skills in developing new relationships,    maintaining our competitive edge and our interminable strive towards new  opportunities.


We are thrilled to welcome the 2 latest members to the Stroud Resourcing team.  Both Amanda Todd and James Moloney have joined as Resourcers.

Amanda Todd


Amanda is a graduate of Psychology (2012) who has studied human behaviour, social development, cognition and social interactions while developing quantitative and qualitative research skills.

Amanda has a passion for music with over 10 years’ experience with the flute and piano. She has entered the World Irish Dancing Championships as both a team member and an individual.

Since graduating, Amanda has gained invaluable experience in the retail and service sectors honing skills such as recruitment and training, coaching staff and stock management.

Why Recruitment?

Amanda enjoys helping people meet their goals and is customer-oriented, and so far, Stroud Resourcing has met her expectations and has been really enjoyable. Her biggest challenge has been self-confidence in managing candidate expectations against their skills and experience. She has enjoyed filling positions and also providing high quality short lists to business clients.

The Stroud Assessment!

“Hard working, determined and motivated by success”

 James Moloney

JamesJames is a graduate of History and Politics (2014) with a good background in extra-curricular activities such as Debating, Student Newspaper Editing and Managing an Elec-tion Campaign. While majoring in Medieval History, James also honed research skills in both literature and statistics.

James is passionate about golf, tennis and keeping a herb garden at home for his cooking.

Why Recruitment?

James was drawn to the recruitment sector for a number of reasons: challenging, fact-paced environment with impressive earning potential with a range of clients—and his expectations have been exceeded. His biggest hurdle has been maintaining his high ` standards while relocating to York to begin his career. He stated his first interested candidate was a buzz.

The Stroud Assessment!

“He is showing great early signs”