It’s already the end of Stroud Resourcing’s financial year, and what a year it was! 

To celebrate the success we have had in Year 8 an action-packed day was organised for the whole team, beginning with a fun activity – Sector 7 Laser!


Sector 7 Laser (2)


Split into two teams of three, this was an activity that definitely encouraged teamwork, and briefly transformed us all into Arnie wannabes! Each team won one game each, and it certainly gave us all a good workout. So, feeling slightly weary, we re-charged with some lunch and headed into York in the afternoon for a cocktail masterclass.


          Cocktails Rachael      Cocktails Guy


As you can imagine, the cocktails didn’t touch the sides! We followed this with a lovely meal at the Judge’s Lodgings and finished the evening with a beautiful moonlit river boat cruise. What can I say? At Stroud Resourcing we always celebrate in style!