Every month at Stroud Resourcing, we take a couple of hours to have a breakfast meeting – hot sandwiches included! One of the team will organize a fun activity for us to do, this is important for employees’ wellbeing and productivity – as mentioned in our previous blog post How to Get the Most Out of Your Employees.

This month it was Amanda’s turn to think of an activity, so she came up with the ‘Build a Giraffe Challenge’! We split into two teams of three and had just half an hour to build a giraffe out of only paper and sellotape. It’s an excellent challenge for employees as it encourages people to think quickly, logically, and methodically as a team. It’s also a simple and cost-effective exercise.

The rules of this exercise are: the giraffe built must have a head, ears, a tail, and legs; and the giraffe must be able to stand unaided for at least 10 seconds. The team with the tallest giraffe wins!

Thinking on their feet, the winning team – Joanna, Matthew, and Katie – made this magnificent beast. It measures 163cm and stands on its own, in fact it is still stood in the boardroom now! We decided to call him Geoff.

Giraffe1 (1)


The losing team – Guy, Alex and James – were not far behind, with their giraffe measuring 156cm. Good effort guys!