Wow! So proud to announce this award! In November 2013 we secured a fully transferred RPO contract with The Kent Institute of Medicine & Surgery (KIMS), we effectively acted as their internal recruitment team for the two-year duration of the contract. Meeting the highly demanding needs of the healthcare industry, combined with the challenges presented by KIMS being a start-up was, unsurprising enough, no easy task.

A meticulous level of planning and preparation was required, we implemented a rigorous and robust recruitment process to ensure that the right staff were chosen from the very beginning. To reflect the enthusiasm and commitment required in a start-up such as this, we focused on candidates that closely share the vision, values and passion of The Kent Institute of Medicine & Surgery (KIMS). To open this hospital on time, for the first six months of the project, we had to trade seven days per week, working from 08.00 to 20.00!

The result was a resounding success, with not only wider clinical and non-clinical staff successfully recruited, but also more senior roles, right up to the CEO, Finance Director and many more. In year one over 10,000 applications were handled delivering savings to our client of over £700,000. Across the term of the contract 278 permanent offers were managed with an outstanding interview to offer ratio of 68%, whereas the industry standard is only 33%. 150 BANK offers have been processed.

Speaking about our success, the Director of Clinical Services of KIMS commented: “KIMS has a set of very clear organisational values which has driven our selection and recruitment of staff; Stroud have worked intuitively to interpret these and put forward candidates that not only have the correct skill set, but are a close fit with these values. Our staff are our greatest asset, and are one of our brand differentiators – Stroud have added value to this which can be measured by the fantastic feedback from patients and consultant users about our people” 

The timing of this award could not be more perfect. Having successfully recruited the volume roles it’s now time for KIMS to bring their recruitment function in-house and we have spent the last month working closely with the new recruitment team to integrate the service. What we have achieved for KIMS is a prime example of our enthusiasm and attitude in action.

We won this contract because, as a head hunter, we have a finely tuned knowledge of ‘top talent’. We have years of experience in assessing and speaking with the most influential healthcare professionals. This contract required us to talk to candidates directly rather than contacting them through a database, our ability to effectively network and promote KIMS has helped raised their employer brand.

LinkedIn recently reported that 72% of UK hiring leaders credited their strong employer brands with enabling them to hire the best candidates. As we head into 2016, we believe there is a great opportunity for us to work with other employers large or small that recognise the benefits of promoting their employer brand, particularly the emerging small healthcare providers that need a recruiter to reinforce their brand in the market place.

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