Each year Stroud Resourcing dedicates fundraising activities towards one particular charity, and in 2013 we chose the Stephen Magson Memorial Trust. Steve tragically died on December 26th 2004 in the Asian Tsumani while staying in Koh Phi Phi, Phuket.

As part of our on-going charity work, we decided to hold a Thai themed Come Dine With Me which raised £125.00 for the Trust; proceeds of which go directly to helping those in Koh Phi Phi to help rebuild their lives almost 10 years on.

We needed a simple way to raise funds for a much respected charity – and here’s what we did. In keeping with Thailand and the wonderful food culture they enjoy, we put together the following dishes for some close friends and asked them to donate as they wished.


Thai idioms are often related to their culture of food, the surrounding sea and socialising – here are a few that are apt to this newsletter.

The residents of Koh Phi Phi have had to fight through many obstacles over the last decade and the Thais call this “crossing over water and sea”, or ข้ามน้ำข้ามทะเล.  This is similar to bearing pain as they rebuild their lives, they call this to “eat lai” (lai is a mythical metal used here to illustrate how one must endure pain and labour to survive).  The Thai phrase for this is กินเหล็กกินไหล. Steve’s family have devoted their grief and loss to help others in Thailand.

Try it yourself ?

Thai Lime and Ginger Cooler Cocktail


Thai Fish Cakes

Chicken Massaman

Thai Crème Brulee


Will you give it a go? If you want any details on the recipes, get in touch with Joanna and Guy!