At the end of each month, after a quick presentation to sum up the monthly financials, we at Stroud Resourcing celebrate success with a fun activity and a delicious meal out on the company.

This month it was Sam’s turn to organise an activity, and he came up with another fantastic quiz – Never Mind The Stroud Resourcing!

Obviously a music-based quiz, we were in two teams and there were three rounds – Round 1 was ‘Guess the album cover’. Sam’s skills with PowerPoint were really well reflected in the hilarious edits of famous album covers with all the team members’ faces on, transforming Dave into David Bowie, Joanna into Adelle, and even Katie into Michael Jackson!!

 Gawthorpe Bowie     Flemo Jackson

Round 2 was ‘Guess the intro’ – we would listen to a 10 second clip of a song and then guess the artist and song title, a fairly easy round as we all seem to have very varied taste in music!

Round 3 was ‘Guess the lyrics’ – a bit more difficult, as it can be hard to recognize a song from written words, but in the end, Joanna, Katie and Dave’s team won by just half a point! Close call!!

Afterwards, we all strolled across town to the Cosy Club, one of York’s new restaurants, for a lovely meal and drinks.

Well done to Samuel “Quizmaster” Wright on another excellent activity!