At the start of our financial year we nominated a charity to support. MAG (Mines Advisory Group) is a neutral and impartial international organisation, their mission is to save and improve lives by reducing the devastating effects of armed violence and remnants of conflict around the world.

We feel passionately about their cause and are committed to raising awareness to their charity. As well as making a financial contribution to the business we have planned a number of existing fund raising events for 2011/2012. Our first event is taking place on Saturday evening! Every eight weeks we are inviting four guests to our home for a charity dinner!

Each guest has been asked to donate to MAG what they feel the equivalent money would have been if they had been in a restaurant. Pressure! Well if you know us, you will know how organised we are and won’t be surprised to hear that we have spent our evenings this week preparing for the event and perfecting the dishes! We will update you next week with our event went. Wish us luck!

How you can get involved with MAG