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Stroud Resourcing is delighted to have Hannah Milankovic on the team!

Hannah Milankovic is a MRes graduate specialising in Elasmobranch Ecology and Marine Ecosystems. Hannah is working with Stroud to support us on administrative projects and also works at Nottingham Trent University as a Research Assistant. She is currently in the process of publishing a paper concerning the White Shark population in Mossel Bay, South Africa.

 Hannah has extensive experience in Shark behavioural ecology, marine species recovery, conservation genetics and various laboratory based experiments. She is competent in collecting, consolidating and interpreting large quantities of data and has practical experience with Shark handling, tagging and identification. Sustainable fishing, Mercury Bioaccumulation, and Elasmobranch Ecology are strong interests for her too!

Check out her fantastic blog to read more of Hannah's interesting insights: https://bunnyshark.wordpress.com/2016/08/10/a-closer-look-into-plastic-oceans/